Uncle Sam Shouldn't Validate Overthrows of Elected Governments

We're no friends of the Obama govt. (as our regular readers know well), but remember the fascist talk going on last year when certain powerful elements said that Obama had better win both the popular and electoral vote, but just winning by the bare Constitutional Electoral College wouldn't be good enough.  If Obama had won his second term by just the electoral vote, would these elements have staged a military coup similar to the one going on in Cairo right now?  If yes, almost everybody who really believes in the rule of law would have said that a coup had been staged and that fascists have taken over the reins of government, but if something like that happens in another country, many excuse it away as democracy being messy or something, which is disingenuous, to put it nicely.  Unfortunately, a lot of democratically elected governments around the world have been overthrown in the last half-century or so, with U.S. governments validating some of these coups with a "tut-tut," if not practically orchestrating things themselves, like in Chile, 1973.  The Egyptian president, Morsi, was elected, had been in power only a year, and there was no canceling of the next presidential election there as far as we know.  So this is the perfect time for Uncle Sam to mind his own business, stay out of it, and in the meantime a perfect excuse for us to withdraw our tax money being poured into their coffers by the billions of dollars that should have never been poured in anyhow.

[revised on 7/5/13]

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