Biography of an Elder Statesman

There was a glitch in the biography section of Mark Greene's campaign website, but it has now been fixed, and the short biographical summary, including a photograph, can now be seen (just click on the title above to get to the campaign website, and then find the biography link on the home page).

For a longer biography of Mark, which includes several essays about his late mother, Elizabeth Greene, a theologian and an educator, go to the site This weekend, the essay is called "Annie and Ike," about Mark growing up with his family in the late 1950's when President Dwight Eisenhower and the characterization of Annie Oakley's life on television were both popular (although Mark's mother, voting for president for the first time, voted for Adlai Stevenson in 1956). Next week's essay will include Mark's mother seeing presidential candidate John Kennedy at the Michigan State Fair in 1960. The year 1960 began the era of the academians and the priests in Mark's family, as Mark's mother reached out heavily to that community in the early '60's. New rules have been made for being able to view the full biography on "Yahoo/360."

[revised on 3/28/09]

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