Senate Campaign Off to a Strong Start

Throughout the previous fall and winter, and this early spring, the Party of Commons has kept a strong internet presence in the state of Washington, particularly in the Puget Sound area and Spokane, as we are the main trumpeters of Mark Greene's campaign for the U.S. Senate, but we are also looking into expanding this presence throughout Washington, particularly in our Skamania County, Clark County, Stevens County and Kittitas County strongholds.

Now, that the weather should be getting warmer in the state of Washington for the next several months, we will also be making more personal contacts with the people of Washington and conducting party meetings, throughout the length and breadth of Washington, hopefully. We are presently looking for 39 county chairpersons for the Party of Commons for each of the 39 counties of Washington, and 5 division directors for Mark's Senate campaign, one for each of 5 distinct geographical sections of Washington. This is a total of 44 volunteers we are seeking just for these positions, let alone the many more we will need for other executive and rank-and-file positions.

Mark is positioning himself as the candidate with the strongest credentials for advocating a great turn about in foreign policy, namely withdrawing from the interventionist agenda that the last several congresses and administrations have embarked on. He is also against bail-outs for "Wall Street," that his likely main opponent next year, Patty Murray, voted for. Mark is also the strongest environmentalist running for senator. Has Murray even attempted to label genetically engineered food? We doubt it. If elected, Mark will try to get hearings in the Senate started on dubious scientific experiments, regardless of whether they are alledgedly for utilitarian purposes or not. Mark, if elected, will also be one of the best advocates for labor rights in Congress, trying to make sure that unemployment compensation is easier to get if a worker becomes unemployed through no fault of his or her own, even if a worker must resign from her or his position for a good reason. Mark supported the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul in 2008, although he differs with the Texas congressman on several economic issues.

[revised on 3/26/09]

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