Leno's Pathetic Complaint

With all the wars going on in the world (Palestine, Congo, Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia and elsewhere), thousands of nuclear missiles on hair-trigger alert, biological and chemical threats an increasing worry, people starving, refugees and homelessness rising, rising unemployment, water resources running dry, the planet besieged by worrisome climate changes, crazy scientific experiments increasing and no government trying to put a stop to them; with all this, what's scary to entertainer Jay Leno? Believe it or not, a 90% tax on the bonuses of millionaires who have all but put the world economy in a ditch. Of course, Leno is a millionaire, himself, and no ordinary one. In other words, he's filthy rich. So no wonder he doesn't seem to like what amounts to a surtax on the rich, and he apparently thinks the prospect of more "surtaxes" to come is one of our country's biggest problems. Leno's complaint is so poor and pathetic that it should be a part of one his jokes rather than a real concern of his. The 90% tax on the AIG laggards was generous (the idea of these people getting any bonuses at all is ludicrous), it should have been 99.99% and that would only be the tip of a very huge iceberg as far as bringing fairness in the distribution of wealth in America is concerned.

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