What Our Nation Needs: Policies for the People

Did the guy on "60 Minutes" actually say to President Obama, "Do you expect our best people to work for two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year ... ?" or something like that, suggesting that 250K per year is just pennies? What "best people?" The financial gurus that have brought our nation to financial ruin? That would include the so-called gurus on Obama's staff, Timothy Geithner, the treasury secretary who never should have gotten close to being in that office, and economic advisor, Larry Summers, and others. These super rich cabinet members and advisors are part of the greedy, wretched corporate behemoth that is swallowing up our nation, throwing people out of work, causing unwarranted wars and the destruction of nations, wreaking general havoc, and Geithner and Summers, in particular, have done nothing since being in office except to cater to their own kind, which is part of the reason why we criticized Obama's transition as shoddy in the first place. Geithner and Summers care not one iota about Commoner America, they should be summarily fired from their jobs (Geithner should be investigated for the role he played in the bail-out chicanery), and then Obama could decide whether he is going to be the president of the people or the president of the super rich. The times demand bold action, including nationalization of failed banks, re-instatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, enactment of protectionist measures, especially higher tariffs on foreign goods, 2/5 tax surcharges on the income of billionaires, and other tax surcharges on the other super rich. We doubt very much that Obama is anywhere close to refraining from the embrace of the corporate powers that he has so heartily endorsed.

[revised on 4/7/09]


Just a reminder: Patty Murray voted to effectively retire "Glass-Steagall" and thus did her part in starting the whole banking de-regulation frenzy that has caused the collapse of the economy, and she voted for the "Wall Street" bail-outs, of which billions of dollars have since been unaccounted for. The Party of Commons is on record for opposing the "Wall Street" bail-outs.

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